Terms & Conditions

Just For fun Out of School Club Ltd
Terms and Conditions
Admissions Policy
It is our intention to make Just For Fun accessible to children and families from all sections of the school community. Admission to the club is organised by the Manager and a waiting list system may be implemented when the need arises.
The waiting list will be operated on a first come-first served basis, with the exception of siblings who will have priority for the same day(s) as a sibling already attending.
A completed registration form is required for each child attending. This form contains information concerning your child and is confidential.

• Any adjustments to fees will be notified 6 weeks in advance
• Invoices must be paid in advance.
• Fees are payable in cash, cheque, bacs or childcare voucher
Changes to days or cancelation
• We require 48 hours notice if you wish to make any changes or cancelations to your booking, otherwise the session will be charged in full.
• In case of illness or emergency when notice cannot be given, please contact us as soon as possible. The charge will be halved.
Arrival and departure
• Children are collected from school by a member of staff from Just For Fun and are then escorted to the club room.
• A register is taken each afternoon and parents/carers are required to sign children out on departure.
• If the child is to be collected by someone other than the parent/carer, this must be indicated to a member of staff and recorded at the start of the session. The adult nominated to collect a child must be one of those named on the Admissions Form.
• If for whatever reason you will be delayed when collecting your child, please contact us on 07958 255970 to let us know. If you are more than 15 minutes late then there will be a late fee of £15.00.
• We aim to safeguard and protect all children in our care.
• The club cannot accept responsibility for children outside the times booked
• The club reserves the right to suspend children who are unruly, violent, abusive or destructive without financial recompense
• In the event of illness or accident, appropriate treatment will be arranged
• The club is unable to hold medicines on the premises. If a child requires medicine then a parent or nominated adult, not a club staff member, may come in to administer the medicine and then remove it from site.
• Our Policies and Procedures are available and on display on the club premises at all times.
• The club has a zero tolerance policy regarding all forms of discrimination.
• The club reserves the right to amend or cancel activities when necessary
Complaints procedure
We aim to deal with complaints efficiently to put things right and we will communicate with parents/carers regularly to both inform them of any news or changes in the club and collect any comments on our services.
The complaints procedure is as follows:
1. In the first instance, inform the Manager/Assistant Manager who will attempt to resolve the matter, and log the complaint. If this is unsatisfactory:
2. Inform the Manager in writing with all relevant details, dates and names. The Manager will attempt to resolve the complaint as soon as possible (within fifteen days) If it is felt the complaint has child protection implications, Child Protection agencies and social services will be informed.
3. Any parent/carer can, at any time, submit in writing or e-mail a complaint to Ofsted about any aspect of Just For Fun Out Of School Club Ltd’s provision, including the requirement of the childcare register. Ofsted will consider and investigate all complaints received.
Ofsted telephone Number: 08456 404044. Royal Exchange Buildings, St Ann’s Square, Manchester, MS 7LA
Amended April 2016