Smoking alcohol and drugs

Smoking alcohol and drugs



 Smoking is not permitted on any of the premises including any outdoor play areas. This goes for any visitors and parent/carers. Any cigarettes found on a child possession will be confiscated immediately and the parent will be informed.



Any adult that enters the premises who is under the influence of alcohol will be asked to leave the premises immediately. If this is a member of staff then they will be sent straight home and the disciplinary procedure will follow.

If any children bring alcohol in to just for fun it will be confiscated and the parents will be informed.

staff are asked to not bring any alcohol in to Just For fun.



Anyone who arrives at the Club clearly under the influence of illegal drugs will be asked to leave immediately. If they are a member of staff, serious disciplinary procedures will follow.

If we discover that a child has illegal drugs in their possession while at the Club, we will inform their parent or carer.

If a member of staff is taking prescription drugs that may affect their ability to function effectively, they must inform the manager as soon as possible. The manager will then complete a risk assessment.



Safeguarding children

All members of staff have a duty to inform the manager and/or deputy manager if they believe that a parent or carer is a threat to the safety of a child due their being under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs when they drop off or collect their child. The manager and deputy manager will decide upon the appropriate course of action.

 If a parent or carer is clearly over the alcohol limit, or under the influence of illegal drugs, staff will do their utmost to prevent the child from travelling in a vehicle driven by them. If necessary the police should be called.


August 2016