Health & Safety Policy

Health & Safety Policy.

Statement of Intent

Just For Fun Out Of School Club Ltd takes the maintenance of health and safety for all employees, visitors and children under our care extremely seriously as both a legal and moral duty. We achieve this through continually improving health and safety performance by implementing all necessary procedures. Staff will be familiarised with the provisions contained within this policy as part of their induction and expected to act in accordance with them at all times.


We recognise that a systematic approach to health and safety, based on systematic risk assessment procedures, can minimise injury and ill health to staff and children. Just for Fun is committed to;


  • Developing the appropriate setting structure and culture that supports the concept of risk management by all staff and children where appropriate


  • Ensuring that all staff have an understanding of health and safety, developing this through training in health and safety requirements


  • Reporting all accidents and incidents which have caused damage or may do so in the future


  • Continually monitoring and evaluating requirements in line with legislation, including the review of policies and practises to ensure we continue to improve our standard of performance


Who is responsible?

It is the responsibility of all members of staff  to ensure that health and safety of children and staff are not compromised in any way. It is the responsibility of the manager to ensure that the setting remains within legislative requirements. Parents and carers are required to sign their child in and out of the setting each day.


The Registered Person (Amy Halls) holds ultimate responsibility and liability for ensuring that the club operates in a safe and hazard-free manner. They will ensure that the following arrangements exist;


  • Monitoring effectiveness of the policy and authorising are necessary revisions to provision


  • Ensuring all reported accidents, incidents and dangerous occurrences are adequately reported and recorded.


  • Reviewing all reported accidents to enable corrective measures are implemented


  • Ensuring all staff members are appropriate and have up to date Criminal Record Bureau checks


The Premises

Just for Fun has a wide range of equipment and materials that are used by the children in the course of their learning and play within the setting. All equipment is well maintained and checked on a regular basis to ensure that it does not prevent a risk to the health and safety of the children. Equipment which poses a hazard but which has a benefit on the development of children will be used under the supervision of staff and stored securely after use.


In addition to this the premises is inspected and a fire assessment is completed to ensure that it complies with relevant legislation. Members of staff will check the premises each day to ensure that there are no risks or hazards that compromise staff and children. At the end of the session members of staff will ensure that the setting is left clean, safe and secure.


Staff Responsibilities

  • To adhere to all nursery policies
  • To ensure a safe environment, keeping entrances and exits clear at all times
  • To check all equipment is in order, safe and clean and dispose of any damaged equipment
  • To encourage children to take appropriate risks by assessing and managing risks effectively
  • To ensure bathrooms and eating areas are regularly cleaned during the day
  • To ensure appropriate cleaning materials, storing them in the correct manner and away from children
  • Record any accidents of children and staff on appropriate forms and administer the necessary first aid
  • Be aware of emergency evacuation procedures, and aware of the location of first aid boxes and fire equipment
  • Take reasonable care of their own and others personal health and safety


Staff who have been found to have blatantly disregarded safety instructions or recognised safe practices will be subject to the procedures laid out in the Staff Disciplinary Policy

August 2016