Food & Drink Policy

Food & Drink Policy.


Just For Fun is committed to providing healthy, balanced and nutritious food and drinks for children during our sessions. We will make every effort to ensure that food and drink is safely prepared and with sensitivity to the dietary, religious and cultural requirements of all the children.


When preparing food and drinks staff are required to wash their hands before handling food , utensils or crockery. Staff are aware of safety issues when using sharp, hot or dangerous equipment. Staff who prepare food have a Certificate in Food Hygiene and/ or have been trained in food storage, preparation, cooking and food safety.

Parents/carers are required to complete the Contact form, which includes any special dietary requirements or allergies. No child will ever be forced to eat or drink something against their will and the withholding of food and drink will never be used as a punishment.

Just For Fun recognises the importance of healthy eating and will endeavour to provide a varied healthy menu at the Breakfast and After School Club. Fruit will be offered at tea every term time day. Fresh drinking water is available at all times; other drinks will be low in sugar.

A Tuck Shop will be provided during the holidays, healthy option snacks and drinks will be available as far as possible.

We are committed to embracing the cultural and religious diversity of the families who use our services and will work with parents/carers to ensure that particular dietary requirements are met.

We adhere to the ‘Safer Food Better Business’ pack and ‘Food Safety First Principles.

August 2016