Equal Opportunities, Special Needs & Inclusion Policy

Equal Opportunities,  Special Needs & Inclusion Policy.


  • To challenge all forms of discrimination in all areas of our organization.
    • To try to ensure that the make up of the staff reflects the make up of the local community.
    • To include, value and support all children, including those with special needs and make reasonable adjustments for them.
  • To make the premises and our service as accessible as possible to all members of     the community.
  • To respect all people as individuals and to celebrate diversity in positive ways.
  • To value children & adults equally: that children have rights as well as adults.
    • To promote the confidence, self-esteem and independence of the children in all areas of our work and to promote equality of opportunity for all.
    • To share information with parents/careers and to provide support when requested/required including children with special needs (and/or talented/gifted children).

Statement of Intent

We recognize that certain groups and individuals are discriminated against because of their, ethnicity, culture, or religion, home language, family background, learning difficulties, or disabilities, gender or ability, race, colour, sexual orientation, age, social class, marital status.

Just For Fun Out Of School Club Ltd is strongly committed to positive action to remove/challenge all forms of discrimination in all aspects of our work, with children, families, staff and others. Any discriminatory behaviour or language will always be challenged, logged and acted upon accordingly.


  • Equal opportunities will be considered in all aspects of the services the Club provides.
  • Discriminatory language/behaviour is not acceptable.
  • The policy will be reviewed and monitored regularly via, staff meetings and notices to parents/carers. The policy is available to all and staff upon induction. Contributions from staff, parents and children are welcome.







Special Needs

  • The managers are the designated co-ordinators  for Equal Opportunities and for Special     Educational Needs for children and adults within the club.
  • Just For Fun Out Of School Club Ltd will support children/adult members with special needs within the setting and are willing to work with parents and other agencies to this end to ensure they can participate in activities at a level appropriate to their needs and in accordance with the DfES S.E.N. Code of Practice.
  • We will always liaise with families/carers and outside agencies and seek support and    training as necessary.
  • The Co-ordinator will treat all information confidentially and will liaise with children/parents/carers/staff  with the appropriate level of privacy.
  • We will ensure that observations/assessments of the child’s progress are regularly made   and recorded as required.

The Managers  will be responsible for monitoring, implementing and reviewing the Special needs policy in liaison with the parents and outside professional agencies.
















Our Equal Opportunities, Special Needs & Inclusion Policy underlines our commitment to the EYFS Theme of A Unique Child, Positive Relationships, Enabling Environments.

We are also committed to safeguarding children and to promote children’s welfare.