Emergency Closure Of Just For Fun Policy

Emergency Closure Of Just For Fun Policy

In very exceptional circumstances the Just For Fun may need to be closed at very short notice due to an unexpected emergency, (burst pipes, structural damage, fire, serious incident, illness etc.). In such circumstances the Manager and staff will ensure all steps are taken to keep both the children and themselves safe.


  • All staff and children will assemble at the pre-arranged venue, where a register will be taken.
  • Steps will be taken to inform parents/carers and to take the necessary actions in relation to the cause of the closure.
  • All children will be supervised until they can be safely collected.


Extreme Weather/Snow

Just For Fun reserves the right to close at short notice in the event of extreme weather conditions which could endanger the health and safety of staff and children travelling to or from the Club or on the premises.

If the weather should deteriorate in the course of the day parents are required to telephone the number below, and be advised as to whether Club will open, or may close early. Under these circumstances parents/carers will be required to arrange to collect their child/ren earlier than normal.

If you are late collecting your child/ren fees and penalty charges will apply.

Please keep this contact telephone number handy:

07958 255970

August 2016