Bullying Policy

Bullying Policy.


Just For Fun is committed to Safeguarding Children providing an environment for both children and adults that is safe, welcoming and free from bullying.

Bullying in any form is unacceptable, whether the offender is a child or adult, and will always be challenged, logged and acted upon.


What is bullying

We define bullying as behaviour, repeated over time that intentionally hurts another. Bullying results in pain and distress to the victim. Some examples are:

Emotional: Excluding, shunning, passing notes about others.

Physical: Pushing, spitting, hitting, biting, taking or damaging belongings or any type of

physical violence.

Verbal: Name-calling, ridiculing, threats or spreading rumours.

Psychological: Any behaviour likely to instil a sense of fear or anxiety in another



We believe that everyone has the right to be treated with respect. The behaviour policy supports the need for good behaviour, brought through partnership with parents.


Objectives of this policy

In establishing this policy we aim:

  • To ensure that all the pupils and staff have a clear understanding of what bullying is, and aware of procedures to follow.
  • To further strengthen home and school links through shared approach to responding to bullying.



Just For Fun will discuss the issue of bullying openly, including why it is not acceptable and what the consequences of bullying behaviour will be. Children and adults will be encouraged to report any incident of bullying that they witness or experience. They will be reassured that they will be taken seriously and the incident will be handled thoroughly and sensitively. Just for fun will make sure all children are aware of the golden rule’s and the consequences to breaking them.


  • Staff have a duty to inform the Managers if they witness an incident of bullying involving children or adults.
  • Punitive measures will be used as appropriate and in line with the behaviour policy.
  • All incidents of bullying will be reported to the Managers and will be recorded in the incident book. If appropriate, staff will facilitate a meeting between the relevant parents/carers or adults concerned.
  • Parents of both parties will be informed


Pupils who have been bullied will be supported by

  • Being given the opportunity to discuss their experience with an adult they feel comfortable with.
  • Reassuring the pupils
  • Helping restore self-esteem and confidence
  • Will ensure all children are aware of golden rules and consequences of breaking them.


Pupils that have bullied will be helped to;


  • Encourage them to discuss their behaviour and his consequences.
  • Discussing why they became involved
  • Establishing wrong doing and need to change.


At all times, staff will handle such incidents with care and sensitivity.


Members of staff  will be informed of the any bullying and the child who has been bullied will be kept under closer observation. Where bullying behaviour persists, more serious actions may be taken including suspension and termination of membership. In the light of reported incidents, the Managers and staff will review the club’s procedures in respect of bullying.

August 2016