Arrivals, Departures, Late Collection & Missing Children

Arrivals,  Departures, Late Collection & Missing Children


Our Club will give a warm and friendly welcome to each child on arrival and ensure that they depart safely at the end of each session.


It is the Managers responsibility to ensure that an accurate record is kept of all children in the Club, and that any arrival or departure to and from the premises is recorded in the register.  The register will be kept in an accessible location  at all times.  This process will be supplemented by regular head counts during the day.


Records of daily registers should be kept by the Club for at least 3 years.



Children staying for the afternoon will be taken aside and seated for lunch hour. Staff will check all children are recorded on the register.



If the child is to be collected by someone other than the parent/carer, this must be indicated to a member of staff and recorded at the start of the session.  The adult nominated to collect a child must be one of those named on the Admissions Form (see Appendix Four).  Only adults – aged 16 years and over – and with suitable identification (a password) will be authorised to collect children.


No child will leave the premises uattended.


No adult other than those named on the Admissions Form will be allowed to leave the Club with a child.  In the event that someone else should arrive without prior knowledge, the Club will telephone the parent/carer immediately.


If the parent/carer or alternative nominated adult is going to be late to collect their child, staff must be informed of this on arrival.  If the designated adult is late in picking up their child without prior warning, the provisions of the Uncollected Children policy will be activated.


Upon departure, the register will be signed by parents to show that the child has left



If a child is absent without explanation, staff will contact the parents/carers to try to ascertain the reasons behind this.


Uncollected Children

Our Club has the highest regard for the safety of the children in our care – from the moment they arrive to the moment that they leave.


At the end of every session, the Club will ensure that all children are collected by a parent, carer or designated adult, in accordance with the Arrivals and Departures policy.  If for some reason a child is not collected at the end of a session, the following procedures will be activated.



Child Left Behind Procedure

If a child/ren is still on the premises fifteen minutes after the session booked, contact will be made with the parents/carers using the contact phone numbers on the application/booking form.  The child will be supervised by a member of management and another member of staff.  Messages will always be left on any answer-phone requesting a prompt reply.


If the adult collecting the child/ren assures management that they will be on site within half an hour the child/ren will stay with the two members of staff.  The parent/carer will be advised that costs are liable.


If the parent/carer advises that they are unable to reach site within half an hour they will be asked to make arrangements for their child/ren to be collected. Once these arrangements have been made the adult will confirm with management the name of the adult collecting the children and an agreed password.  Management will only allow the child/ren to leave with another adult on receipt of the correct password.


If management are unable to make contact with any of the emergency contact numbers on the application/booking form, two members of staff will wait with the child/ren for half an hour.  Contact will then be made with the Police and social services.  A notice will be posted on the gate informing the parents what action has been taken.  Management will continue to try and contact the emergency contacts.


Missing Children

Our Club has the highest regard for the safety of the children in our care.  Staff will always be extremely aware of the potential for children to go missing during sessions.


Even when all precautions are properly observed, emergencies can still arise.  Therefore members of staff will undertake periodic head counts, especially at the transition points between sessions (in addition to the registration procedures set out in the Arrival and Departures policy).  If for any reason a member of staff cannot account for a child’s whereabouts during a session at the Club, the following procedure will be activated:


  • The member of staff in question will inform both the Manager and the rest of the staff team that the child is missing and a thorough search of the entire premises will commence.  The staff team will be careful not to create an atmosphere of panic and to ensure that the other children remain safe and adequately supervised.


  • The Manager will nominate a member of staff, to search the area surrounding the premises up and down Stockers Farm Road.  All staff will be extra vigilant to any potentially suspicious behaviour or persons in and around the Club.


  • If after 15 minutes of thorough searching the child is still missing, the Manager will inform the police and then the child’s parent/carer.


  • While waiting for the police and the parent/carer to arrive, searches for the child will continue.  During this period, other members of staff will maintain as normal a routine as is possible for the rest of the children at the Club.


  • The Manager will be responsible for meeting the police and the missing child’s parent/carer.  The Manager will coordinate any actions instructed by the police, and do all they can do to comfort and reassure the parents/carers.


  • Once the incident is resolved, the Manager and the staff team will review relevant policies and procedures and implement any necessary changes (paying particular note to the relevant provisions of the Club’s Site Security and Risk Assessment policies).


  • All incidents of children going missing from the Club will be recorded in the Incident Record Book, and in cases where either the police or social services have been informed, Ofsted will also be informed, as soon as is practicable.

August 2016